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Australian Writers’ Centre

Australian Writers’ Centre

Every week at least one email arrives in my inbox from the Australian Writers’ Centre. It might be the newsletter that I subscribe to, or the furious fiction prompt which sends my brain scrambling as to whether I want to give that topic a go and do I have time this weekend? The most tempting one though is the one that screams FUN. LEARNING. LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE. BUY ME! Yes, it's the course email.

With courses delivered in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, the Australian Writers’ Centre offers over fifty courses to suit anyone with the writing bug. From Creative Writing, Business Writing, Freelance Writing, Editing and plenty of kid’s courses, there really is something for everyone. Even now, scrolling down the list, I've clicked 'Learn more' three times. This is my kind of all you can eat buffet.

Fortunately, for those who can't travel to the classroom courses, there are online learning and mentorship options too. Created and presented by experts who are active in the industry the AWC courses are practical, relevant and inspiring - all three of which I can attest to, having completed both online and in-class courses this year.

If you like being part of the chat, then find journalists and authors CEO Valerie Khoo and community manager Allison Tait and tune into their podcast 'So you want to be a Writer'. Check out their blog for tips and info. On completion of a course there's even a 'graduates club' where you can hang out virtually and stay in touch with writing buddies.

With so much on offer and Christmas around the corner, this might be a good time to casually leave the gift voucher page open on your browser. Perhaps you could book in for that manuscript assessment you've been meaning to have, or work with a mentor.

Whatever you choose you will be sure to come away with nuggets of gold to really help your work shine.

Find out more:

Website: www.writerscentre.com.au

Twitter: twitter.com/writerscentreAU

Instagram: www.instagram.com/writerscentreau

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WritersCentre

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com.au/writerscentreau

Introduction by Fiona C Lloyd

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Kinderling Kids Radio

Kinderling Kids Radio

Have you ever scrambled to mute an unsuitable song on the radio on the school run? (Let's face it, most of them are.) Or perhaps you're sick of that same old audiobook and wishing there was something else? Well - look no further!

Kinderling Kids Radio is a free online streaming service where you and your kids are guaranteed family friendly listening. The music schedules are laid out on the website, so you can choose in advance whether you want to tune in to 'Little Lunch - Songs and activities to munch and crunch to.’ or hang out with Groovy Ruby, the morning host providing great stories, silly songs, fun facts and sound games. You can even tune in at bedtime for sleepy songs.

Alongside the radio content there are pre-recorded podcasts and music selections. Do you need the perfect music for a kindy party? Or perhaps you'd like your child to learn some words from another country. Never mind the child, would you like to hear famous grownups talk about their favourite songs and stories? There might be some happy memories in there. Maybe you'd like to go along for the ride with The Fact Detectives and discover really important things like what IS a fossil? Are there really killer butterflies? Why do we fart?

As well as music content, KKR offer a Story of the Week. Available during the 'Settle Petal' hour daily at 5pm, story of the week premieres a new kids' book each Thursday. Hands up if your book has been chosen? Yes, there are a few CKT members in there :)

With a website that's a delight to explore, Kinderling Kids Radio has something for everyone.

So how can you listen?

  • Anywhere, anytime with the Kinderling app!
  • DAB+ digital radio (find them under ‘Kids’)
  • Stream live from their website (see below)
  • Qantas in-flight entertainment
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify

Find out more:

Website: www.kinderling.com.au

Twitter: twitter.com/kinderlingradio

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kinderlingradio

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kinderlingradio

Introduction by Fiona C Lloyd

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Australian Society of Authors (ASA)

Australian Society of Authors (ASA)

As authors and illustrators we now have access to a huge range of online resources to help shape our craft, network and market our products. But where do we go when we need some serious advice in matters relating to professional practice?

Formed in 1963, the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) is a professional association providing advice, advocacy and support, and promoting and protecting the rights of Australia's authors and illustrators.

Whether a novice or published author, scriptwriter, journalist, comic artist, games writer, poet or any other written word author, there are member options for you.

An ASA membership allows access to a variety of resources including insurances, contracts, book distribution and promotion, illustrator style files, training, mentorship discounts, overseas rights and more.

As the peak organisation for Australia's authors and illustrators, ASA have achieved many successes over 50 years, including PLR (public lending rights), ELR (educational lending rights), and the Copyright Agency licensing scheme.

You can also find answers to questions such as how do I find an editor or a ghostwriter? How can I arrange someone to speak at my event? How do I create an author/illustrator website? Where and how do I apply for residencies or funding?

Advocating on your behalf for everything from PLR payments on eBooks, fair rates of pay and access to funding as well as lobbying relevant bodies on issues that matter to your professional practice, an ASA membership will support you in your professional journey.

Find out more here:

Website: www.asauthors.org

Twitter: twitter.com/asauthors

Instagram: www.instagram.com/asauthors

Facebook: www.facebook.com/asauthors

Introduction by Fiona C Lloyd

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KOALA aka the Kids Own Australian Literature Awards inc. is a wonderful initiative that allows young readers to get involved in selecting and recognising engaging Australian children's books.

Run as a not for profit organisation by a team of volunteers, young readers from all over New South Wales judge their very own literary awards leading to the exciting opportunity to attend an annual awards day, where they can meet their favourite authors and illustrators.

Kids' Book Review

Kids' Book Review

Are you a teacher looking for review resources, a parent looking to find out more about that certain book, or a writer researching what's on the market and how it is written? Well look no further than this expansive web resource - Kid's Book Review.

Kids' Book Review is a children’s literature and book review site that supports and features authors, illustrators and publishers Australia-wide and internationally.

Faber Writing Academy

Faber Writing Academy

“I wanted an intensive, in depth course that would cover all the major elements of writing for children. What I got was all that, plus the opportunity to work with an amazing mentor, in a physical space that calls out for books to be written, all wrapped up in an atmosphere of support.” This is a quote from a satisfied student (Caroline, Melbourne) about the Writing for Children course in Melbourne offered by this month’s featured organisation the Faber Writing Academy.

Story Box Library

Story Box Library

Story Box Library is a subscription based website and online 'reading room' which aims to engage and inspire children through storytelling.

The authors and illustrators, numbering more than two hundred, will be familiar to many of you, especially those who have seen our guest speakers at the CKT festivals!

Books in Homes

Books in Homes

Books in Homes is a charity close to the heart of many CKT members, who volunteer as role models for this wonderful cause.

Originally founded by author, Alan Duff, best known for his widely acclaimed novel Once Were Warriors, Books in Homes Australia now distributes millions of books to children in lower socio-economic areas.


Pinerolo - the Children’s Book Cottage

Pinerolo, is a beautiful Italian word meaning ‘place of pines’, which just rolls deliciously off the tongue.

It's also the name of the Children’s Book Cottage, run by Margaret Hamilton AM and her daughter Melissa, in Blackheath, in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Pinerolo is a unique establishment in NSW, and has become a mecca for anyone interested in children’s picture books. Margaret and Melissa chose the name 'Pinerolo' as it reflected their close association with Italy, and especially their adopted Italian family in Pinerolo, Piedmonte.

One More Page

One More Page

Welcome to Creative Kids Tales - One More Page Podcast crew!

So, who are 'the crew'?

The One More Page Podcast is presented by Sydney based trio, Kate Simpson, Liz Ledden and Nat Amoore.