CKT’s A year in review – 2014


In December 2013 we tried something a little different. Instead of bringing you an interview with an emerging author, we featured ‘Creative Kids Tales – A Year in Review’. It was a hit! So much so that this year we decided to do it all again.

We hope you enjoy our 2014 ‘Creative Kids Tales – A Year in Review’.

12 Inspirational months

During our planning for 2014 we came up with the idea for 12 Inspirational months. Each month we posted various pictures on our Facebook page aimed to inspire you.

In January we began with ‘New Beginnings’, February was ‘Growth’, March ‘The Journey’, April ‘Hurdles’, May ‘Perseverance’, June ‘Bare your soul’, July ‘Eureka’, August ‘Run with it’, September ‘Achieve’, October ‘The finish line’ , November ‘Reflection’ and finally December ‘Celebration’.

Each theme was designed to be pieces of a puzzle and come together to form a complete writer’s journey. As happens with writing, we addressed the highs and the lows. We hope it helped inspire you along the way.


In 2014 we chatted with lots of talented authors and illustrators from Leigh Hobbs, Wendy Orr, Serena Geddes, Tristan Bancks, George Ivanoff, Anna Fienberg, Michael Gerard Bauer, Dee White, Adam Wallace and Dave Hackett.

We have an exhilarating assortment of authors and illustrators who’ll chat with us in 2015.

Emerging Authors

This year we welcomed both new authors and illustrators into the Creative Kids Tales family. We continue to offer publishers and readers quality submissions from our now 50+ strong list.

In 2015 with our new website this list will grow stronger. Some of the new features on our website were created to provide you with more opportunities to spread your wings.

Festivals & Conferences

Wow! What an exciting and busy year we had this year.

There were many highlights for me. I was honoured to be invited by the NSW Writers’ Centre to chair their Writing, Pitching and Publishing a Series discussion at the NSW Writers’ Centre Kids & YA Festival 2014. Together with panellists Jacqueline Harvey, Wendy Orr and Catherine Jinks we had a colourful discussion filled with tips, tricks and the dos and don’ts when writing a series for publication.

CYA Conference – This year’s CYA Conference was my second and particularly special as I had been shortlisted in the Primary Picture Books category. I came third!

I left feeling amazed and full from the day’s sessions plus a very sore thumb which could have been from the 200 plus tweets and Facebook posts I did in my duty as Chief Social Media Correspondent. I’ll be first in line to secure a seat for next year’s 10 year CYA celebrations.

SCBWI – After being awarded a partial grant to attend July’s SCBWI Conference, I packed my bag and headed for The Hughenden in Sydney. It was two days and one exciting dinner filled with inspiration and energy. The conference ran over four days but I wasn’t able to attend for the complete agenda.

I had a ball being a part of Sheryl Gwyther’s Roving Reporter team.

CBCA Big Book Day Out – It was back to the NSW Writers’ Centre in August for their inaugural Big Book Day Out.

It had all the excitement of the Easter Show with balloons filling the sky, stalls bustling with fellow lovers of the written word and children eagerly awaiting their chance to steal a moment with their favourite author.

It was a great family day. I hope the NSW Writers’ Centre will hold the event again in 2015.

Books reviewed

Our CKT Book Reviews and now Goodreads pages are bursting with reviews from the latest release children’s books.

This year we welcomed lots of new reviewers who reviewed books from Scholastic, Allen & Unwin, Walker Books, Penguin, Ford Street Publishing, UQP, Harper Collins and the National Library.

We also receive books directly from authors. It’s like Christmas every day!

Along with my fellow reviewers, Julie Anne Grasso, Allie Mokany, Sandra Wigzell, Angela Kirin, Tricia Simmons, Jackie Randall, Kelly McDonald, Olivia Tolich, REC Pearson, Leigh van der Veen, Romi Sharp, Christina Krebs, Kathy Creamer, Bernadette Smallwood, Angela Kirin, Julie Whelan, Irene Buckler, Leah Mason, Em Horsfield and Mel Williams, we thank you for allowing us to introduce these wonderful new books to you.


Again we did our best to keep you up to date with the various writing competitions around Australia.

This year we held our first eBook competition asking authors to write a 500 word submission using any one of the following themes:

  • The Journey
  • Never Give Up
  • The Finish Line

The submission had to be suitable for readers aged between 5 -12 years old.

After many agonising hours 12 winners were chosen to be published in The Journey by Creative Kids Tales available for free through Smashwords. We also ran a competition for illustrators with the winning entry gracing the cover for our eBook.

Earlier in 2014 we ran The Key competition, the theme being the key which needed to be incorporated into the story suitable for children. We were inundated with many quality submissions.


As the word continues to spread about Creative Kids Tales, our readership grows. On average we receive 90,000+ per month.


This year we added a few new tips pages ‘Securing that Grant’, ‘Mentor or Superhero’ and ‘Don’t lose the plot’. We hope you have benefitted from our growing library of tips. Look out for more next year.

Children’s Publishers Australia

In 2013 our most popular page was our comprehensive children’s publishers listing.

In 2014 it was still our most viewed page.

If you are looking for an up to date list of children’s publishers in Australia together with their contact details then look no further. We have them all listed here.

The Author’s Shelf

There were lots of laughs and secrets revealed this year from the guests who visited The Author’s Shelf.

Some of the guests I enjoyed a laugh with on the show, Andy Griffiths and Belinda Murrell.

Tony Flowers and Nick Falk was a great pair to interview together. I had to be on my toes with those two.

Dav Pilkey was my first international guest and an absolute delight to talk to.

Susanne Gervay, Kate Forsyth and Jacqueline Harvey were like chatting with old friends.

Jackie French had such a great time she visited twice!

I have to admit chatting with the wickedly funny Posie Graeme-Evans was a highlight for me. And it rounded off a very interesting year of bringing you something a little different.

But as all good things must come to an end so did The Author’s Shelf, well at least put on the shelf for a while, while I focus on my publishing ambitions.

My decision paid off, with my first picture book, Lulu, being published in March 2015, with Dragon Tales Publishing.


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s been a fantastic year for us. We hope you have enjoyed being a part of the Creative Kids Tales family and we look forward to bringing you more resources and features in 2015.

MORE, MORE, MORE is our theme, with more interviews, more authors, more competitions, more tips and more services.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to continuing or embarking with you on your creative journey in 2015.

Take care and happy writing!

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