My Dog, Otto

by Kerry Gittins

My dog, Otto, is the best dog in the whole world.
Yes, that’s right – in the whole wide world!
You don’t believe me?
Well, here’s why . . .

Otto is cute.
He has
small, brown pointy ears.
A fluffy, white curly tail and
two button-brown curious eyes
that make you want to hug him straight away when he looks at you.

Otto is smart.
He can
jump high.
Dig holes.
Fetch sticks.
Lie down.
Sing (he likes singing with Mum the most, especially when she plays her guitar)
And he can speak.
Yes, he really can!
If you say, ‘I love you,’ to Otto he will answer, ‘Ri ruv ru rooooooo!’
and then he licks my face to show me that he really means it.

Otto is brave
He can
Bark loudly
Growl fiercely
Stand guard
And he keeps watch over my family and me - always
Once, when my neighbours’ cat wanted to visit our backyard, Otto barked and barked to tell that cat not to come in.
So the cat stayed right there on the fence for the whole day!

Otto is kind
He always
walks with me.
Listens to me.
Snuggles with me.
And sits with his head in my lap to cheer me up when I’m feeling sad.

But do you know the main reason why Otto is the best dog in the whole world?
It’s because he is my best friend
and because I know he loves me
as much as I love him.
That’s why he is the best dog in the whole world.