Adam Wallace – Interview with CKT

Adam Wallace

Q. What’s the best thing about being a writer?

Well, I guess, ummm, pretty much everything! I am at a stage of my life where I write every day regardless of what it may lead to. Having it become a book is just a MASSIVE bonus. I love sitting at the keyboard and just letting it all flow out … letting the words flow, that is, not anything gross … well, some of the words are gross. I’ve gone off track. I think, if I had to list them, the best things about being a writer are the actual writing, making children laugh, hearing that a child has never read a book before and that they read mine three times, making a difference, entertaining and inspiring children, and showing them that reading can actually be a whole lot of fun.

Q. Tell us what 5 words best describe you?

Child-like, funny, sporty, skinny, bit geeky!

Q. How beneficial is social media to you as a writer?

I would like to say hugely, but I think part of my problem is that I have never really explored what it can do for me. I have a Facebook page and a Twitter account and a website and everything, and I fluff around on them a bit. The best thing for me has actually been doing YouTube videos. One of my favourite moments was when I went to a school and kids were reciting my videos, in full accent, and they knew it better than I did!

Q. Do your characters wake you up at night with ideas?

Sometimes. I have definitely had some a-ha moments at 4 in the morning. It doesn’t happen as much now though. I think, after all these years, my brain knows that writing time starts at around 7 every morning, and so the characters get to have a little nap when I do, and then they wake up, shower (I like my characters to be hygienic), stretch, and get ready to get to work!

Q. Tell us a little about your publishing experience?

I have been really lucky. I have self-published and traditionally published, so have seen both sides. I have also been accepted for publication and have had around 200 rejection letters, so have seen both sides there too! I have found there are pros and cons to both types of publishing. For example, self-publishing gives you more control, traditional publishing gives you the opportunity for wider physical distribution. Self-publishing speeds up the process, but traditional publishers have editors, layout people, etc on board. Self-publishing gives you more return per book, but with traditional publishing you don’t have to make the initial outlay (although this is starting to change a bit now as well, as some publishers start to move towards partnership publishing). Basically, getting something published is an awesome experience, regardless of how it happens. A story is not going to change lives if it just sits on your computer or in a drawer.

Q. Can you tell us a secret no-one else knows about you?

I have a massive man-crush on Bruce Lee … oh no, wait, most people know that! Okay, ummm, something else. Oh, okay, you know that smell in the elevator last Thursday? THAT WAS ME!!!

Q. If you could invite one author, dead or alive to dinner who would it be?

Can I change the question a little and make it three authors (is that cheating? How about if I write them really fast and close together so it looks like one?)? I am going to assume you said yes! They would be MalcolmGladwellDrSeussHarpoMarx (I know Harpo Marx isn’t considered an author, but his autobiography is pretty close to my favourite book I have ever read).

Q. If you could be any character from any book for a day who would you be and why?

Edward from Twilight,  so I could sparkle in the sun … just kidding, although that would be kind of impressive. Ok, seriously now. Actually, I think I would like to be Pete McGee, from my books. This is because when I write him, I write him with the qualities I would like to have in myself. He is like a more awesome version of who I want to be. Brave, loyal, funny, clever, adaptable, and totally willing to put others first.

Q. What’s next from Adam Wallace?

A book I am VERY excited about! It’s called Jamie Brown is NOT Rich,  and it’s being released in May 2014 by Ford Street Publishing. This is the first book I have both written and illustrated, and the main character is named after a real kid I know, and it’s funny, and it was heaps of fun to create, and it is going to have one of the coolest covers ever. EVER!


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