Buzz Words – Interview with CKT


How did Buzz Words get started?

In 2006 I saw that there was the need for a comprehensive industry magazine for those in children’s books and so started Buzz Words. It has continued being delivered every two weeks from then until 2020 with no end sight in view. More recently Buzz Words has acquired a business manager, Sandy, who is invaluable. She is responsible for subscriptions and for any IT problems and with distribution.

What are Buzz Words’ goals?

We try to cover all aspects of children’s book publishing to make it accessible for all subscribers. In a 2018 reader survey, there were comments we didn’t feature enough about YA so we introduced a section ‘Spotlight on YA’ where we interview YA authors. We are always open to suggestions for improvement.

Who is your intended audience?

Buzz Words is for anyone in the children’s book industry from new to established writers and illustrators, also for editors and publishers.

What resources do you provide?

Book and magazine markets, opportunities, competitions, profiles, interviews, festivals and conferences, writing and illustrating courses, industry news. We introduced ‘Resources’ (e.g. ‘Advice for Self-Publishers’ and ‘Marketing Strategies’) and ‘The Secret’ (‘What Publishers Want’ and ‘How to Use Social Media’). We recently reinstated Book Creators which profiles children’s authors and illustrators, past and present. Most magazines are 20 to 25 pages each issue.

How do you choose your review titles?

We are happy to take on any recently published children’s and YA novels for review in We have 10 reviewers, all with preferences for different types of books from board books through to YA. We would like to review all new books, but often publicists don’t contact us with offers so we have to ‘chase’ them.

Does Buzz Words run any competitions throughout the year for authors and/or illustrators?

Yes. We offer competitions with prizes specifically for our readers. For example, in our next issue we offer four recently published children’s books, the winner being the first person to name the books’ authors. From time to time our competitions focus

Two years ago, we introduced the Buzz Words Short Story Prize, a competition for a short story suitable for children aged 8 to 12 years. As far as I know, there are no other competitions of this kind, and certainly none that offer prize-money totalling $1,500. This competition is open to all writers, not just Buzz Worders.

How can people subscribe to Buzz Words?

The annual cost of 24 issues of Buzz Words is only $48. Payment can be made via Paypal to  or you can subscribe via PayPal For bank transfer information contact . All other correspondence should be sent to 

Can you share any new initiates that Buzz Words will be launching this year?

It’s likely that we’ll offer another reader survey in 2020 which will determine future directions. Last time we had a 60% feedback which was so gratifying. Most readers seem to be happy with what we are offering.


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