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Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency

How did the Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency get started?

Formed in 2011, Creative Kids Tales has grown to become a highly respected name within the children’s writing industry.

We received regular requests from schools, pre-schools, libraries and childcare centres for authors to come and speak. As a result, we decided to build on our exemplary reputation, by expanding our services through the Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency.

In late 2019, we launched our agency.

Tell us a little about the CKT Speakers Agency’s speakers

Our handpicked, experienced professionals will entertain and inspire those attending your next literary event.

We have over 25 incredible speakers. Here are just some from our amazing line-up:

  • Jackie French
  • Louise Park
  • Nathan Luff
  • Jan Latta
  • Sophie Masson
  • Josh Langley

Our speakers have a wealth of knowledge from within the children’s writing industry and beyond. They can cover a variety of topics and share their experiences and stories with your audience.

Who is your intended audience?

Whether booking for a school, preschool, library, festival or conference, our team are committed to finding the perfect match for your event.

Audience members will be transported into the creative world, through engaging story-telling and educational content, that will reveal the magic that lies within the written word.

In addition to providing speakers for your event, we are also able to host interactive Q&A sessions.

Please tell us about the programs offered by the CKT Speakers Agency

We offer a variety of sessions to suit.

Toddler Tales

Toddler Tales is a blend of author story time, dancing, games, and content designed to stimulate and entertain, from babies up to age 5.

Author Tales

Author Tales is designed for Kindy through to year 6, with a variety of formats tailored to suit each age. These school presentations include interaction, inspiration, and education.

Children are invited to peek into the world of a children’s author and share in stories, craft, dress-ups, and smiles.

Writing Workshops for Kids

Writing Workshops for Kids are designed for children from years 3-6 and run from 50-90 minutes. They are tailored to suit your needs and incorporate a variety of writing tools including storytelling, character and story building, structure, and fun activities to encourage creative flow. Children are encouraged to build on their own talents and explore the many adventures of story through creative writing.

Full day workshops offer a more detailed program including storytelling, how a picture book comes together, the story arc, character and story building, map making and writing exercises to stimulate discussion and help children fully explore their writing aspirations.

Finalised booking will receive a book pack for their school.

Workshops for Adults who write for children, are also available on request.

What platforms can your speakers deliver sessions and workshops?

As with many other businesses, 2020 is not the ideal time to be starting a business. However, we have used this time to build our name and ensure we have brought together a variety of speakers, who can deliver talks and workshops to suit your needs. These sessions can be delivered in person, via Zoom, Skype, or Google Classroom. If you require another platform, please get in touch with Georgie, who is only too happy to help you bring your event to fruition.

How can authors or illustrators sign up to your agency?

We love to welcome new speakers to our agency. However, with COVID-19, in person/face to face speaking engagements have dropped. As schools, libraries and conferences navigate the online world, virtual visits are on the rise.

We are embracing the fact that our speakers are no longer limited by travel constraints and can speak anywhere in Australia or the world!, virtually.

If you are interested in joining the Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency, drop Georgie an email 

Why aren’t your speakers made to sign exclusively with your agency?

We know Authors and Illustrators subsidise their income through talks, presentations and workshops. It is a competitive market, we get that. That is why we will never ask you to sign exclusively with us. If you can get an alternate booking via other means, go for it, we support you.

How can people book a speaker for their next event?

We would love to help add some polish to your next literary event.

Please contact Georgie at Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency via:


Phone: 0419 689 942

Our Contact Us page:


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