DC Green – Interview with CKT

DC Green

Q. Tell us 5 words that best describe you?

Adventurous, imaginative, determined, passionate, just.

Q. Do you begin your stories on the computer or do you use a pen and paper?

My stories often begin on a mini tape recorder while I’m on a long road trip! I used to be a massive pen and paper fan. Then I realised that most of the stuff I hand-wrote I would later have to type, which represented a chunky duplication of effort. Now I type my ideas, character sketches and rough drafts straight onto my computer or laptop. It’s not as groovy or sensual, but it frees up more of my most precious commodity!

Q. Do your characters wake you up at night with ideas?

No, they don’t wake me. That’s my cat’s job! But they do stop me from going to sleep in the first place, sometimes for hours. I’ve learned the hard way that when inspiration strikes, the odds of remembering my thoughts in the morning are quite grim. The only solution is to grumble out of bed and write the ideas down. The problem is: one idea usually sparks another three. Sayonara, sleep!

Q. What inspires you?

So many things inspire me! Being alive. Beauty in its many guises. Nature. Science. The paranormal. Surfing. Travelling. Studying the behaviour of people to figure out why they act the way they do. Random acts of kindness. The remarkable and the mundane. The world. The universe.

My own potential story ideas continually goad and inspire me. They become lodged in my brain and won’t stop making a racket until I have set them free!

Other authors inspire me all the time with their amazing wordsmithery – and success stories!

I’m continually inspired by reading writing articles. The desire to keep learning and improving my craft is a candle that never goes out.

Most of all, my audience inspires me. I tour a lot of schools every year. There is nothing more inspirational than when a teacher contacts me after one of my visits and tells me that her class has written their best stories ever, inspired by my visit. Or if a student emails me and tells me they’ve read one of my books seven times and it still makes them laugh and cry. That’s the fuel that fires inspiration for decades!

Q. How did you celebrate your first book being published?

Probably with a mild panic! Arrgh! My book’s in stores! I have to promote! I have to do something!! I have to get the word out! ARRRGH!!

Q. With many successes to your credit how do you continue to push yourself as a writer?

There are always new levels of success to aspire towards. Yet even if I had zero success, I would still keep pushing. I LOVE writing. It nourishes my soul and is excellent self-therapy. If I didn’t write, I would be miserable and bubbling with carcinogenic regret.

Q. If you could be any character from any book for a day who would you be and why?

I would be Erasmus James, from my Erasmus James  series! Not only does young Raz remind me of myself when I was a boy (funny that!), he’s also the first kid in history to use a galactic zapp machine to zapp to another world. Plus he’s a genius, his house is a menagerie and he has his whole life ahead of him!

Q. What’s next from DC Green?

My latest book will be published this October by the wonderful Ford Street PublishingMonster School  is Hogwarts with vampires, goblins, zombies and giant spiders! It’s also the first of a three-book series (City of Monsters). I’m super-excited about the artwork, the feedback so far, the fact the book has already won two awards and the general prospects. But then, crazy optimism is the manna of authors!

Beyond that, I’ll keep on writing, touring, surfing, being a dad and loving life!


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