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Kinderling Kids Radio

How did Kinderling Kids Radio get started?

The idea for Kinderling came about when Kinderling’s CEO, Evan Kaldor, had two young children and it became clear that turning on the radio was fraught with danger. From music full of swearing, to terrifying news items, to aggressively opinionated shock jocks pushing divisive agendas. On navigating the AM/FM dial it became clear that children – and therefore parents – were not being considered in modern radio programming.

Fast forward two years of research into the daily routines of Australian families, and a very early vision for Kinderling was born. Since then, Kinderling has grown and developed as all babies and toddlers do; under the careful guidance of some incredible and passionate producers and programmers. Kinderling beleives kids are smart and creative and should be opened up to the broadest palette of music and entertainment possible. And that this can be a shared experience to be enjoyed by the WHOLE family – together.   

What are Kinderling Kids Radio’s goals?

To provide a safe, fun, entertaining and inspiring listening experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Very early on we knew we knew programming for kids did not mean dumbing down the music or the stories. Most of the team working on Kinderling remember a childhood where the whole family listened to the same music, watched the same movies and played the same games. We want to continue this tradition, helping to create conversations and moments that the whole family can take part in. We are also dedicated to producing and programming music and content that promotes positive mental health, building resilience and representing an array of Australian voices and experiences. We want all children AND grown-ups to feel that Kinderling is part of their family.

Tell us about the different programs available on Kinderling Kids Radio.

Kinderling is designed to follow the energy, needs and routines of a family with young children. Therefore we have music and programmes to match every occasion!

Educate and inspire creativity (Play & Learn), entertain and giggle (Gather ‘Round), mindfulness and resilience (Daytime Explorers), meditations to calm and settle for sleep (Bedtime Explorers), parent/child connection activities (Sing-A-Song with Angie Who),  celebrate cultural diversity (Mother Tongue with Sirine)support sleep through the night (Sleepy Soundtrack)

We also have incredible stories, excellent Music Mixtapes, Birthday Party playlists and tonnes of shows to keep the kids entertained. And so much more to come!

You feature stories by Australian Authors on Kinderling Kids Radio. How do you select the stories?

We work very closely with Australian publishers and authors to find and select the best kids books to produce. Not all books translate well to audio – as some are picture driven – so our Executive Producer of Stories spends a lot of time assessing what will work best as audio, what themes best fit for Kinderling, and what stories resonate best for Australian families.

Sharing stories without visuals can be hard. How do you bring stories to life for radio?

It can be hard! But we have some incredible voice actors that beautifully capture the fun and adventure of these amazing books. And sometimes we can add some fun sound design to bring them to life. But really, the stories are usually so descriptive that it allows kids imaginations to run free.

What programs do the stories air on?

Settle Petal is the best time for Stories! We have our regular Story of The Week at 5pm every day and then there are stories scattered though the rest of the evening (and through the daytime as well).

Can listeners access stories that have aired at any other time?

Yes! All of our programmes – music, stories, meditations, etc – can be played on demand anytime, anywhere via our free app. You can even download them to your phone in case you are travelling or out of wi-fi connection.  

How can people get involved with the Kinderling Kids Radio?

We love including our listeners in our broadcast. Kids and grownups are welcome to contact us if they would like to come visit. We love inviting in school or daycare groups who might like to come and record their voices in our studio.

Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.



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