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One More Page (Podcast)

How did One More Podcast get started? I’ve heard it was all Nat’s idea 😊

You did?! There’s only one person that would’ve led you to believe that – and that’s Nat! It was actually Kate who had the initial idea, and she reached out to Nat and I, wondering if we’d be keen to join her. Of course we were! Then the three of us basically brainstormed and collaborated on everything – there was a lot to research, plan and set up before we launched in February 2018, but with our combined skill sets and passions we came up with a podcast concept we were all really proud of and excited to share.

What makes your podcast different from other bookish podcasts?

One More Page’s tagline is ‘A podcast for lovers of kids’ books’ and that’s exactly what we are, a bookish fan club in podcast form with a focus on picture books through to middle grade, mostly Australian. We don’t have a particular focus on the craft of writing for kids as per some others (which we listen to and admire!), however, we champion books, illustrators and authors, while also delving into the kids’ book world more broadly. We’ve interviewed booksellers, publishers and librarians as well as authors and illustrators, and have a wide appeal with not only fellow writers in our audience but kids, teachers, teacher-librarians, families and schools.

What are One More Podcast’s goals?

Our main goal is to spread the kids’ book love. The three of us are unashamed bookish fangirls, and we have a genuine passion for reading and sharing the kids’ books we love. We also really enjoy learning from the people we interview, whether kids’ book industry figures or the kids we meet via the Kids Capers section, and sharing their insights with listeners. As kids’ book authors ourselves, it’s also a great platform to share our personal bookish news.

Who have you chatted with so far? Can you let us in on any super big names you might be chatting with in future episodes?

We’ve chatted to a truly impressive roll call of the who’s who of Australian kids’ books, with lots of great up and coming talent as well. We’ve had Children’s Laureate Leigh Hobbs, KOALA legend Deb Abela, Paul Jennings, Jacqueline Harvey, Oliver Phommavanh, Sue Whiting and many more. We’ve also had booksellers from our favourite kids’ book specialty stores, like Readings Kids, The Children’s Bookshop, The Little Bookroom and Where the Wild Things Are. We’ve had kids’ book publishers from Magabala Books and Allen & Unwin give us the inside story. Then we’ve also met new talent like the competition winners we interviewed for our CYA Conference special. There’s lots of exciting interviews in store – some coming up include authors Tim Harris and Allison Tait, and illustrator turned art director Sarah Davis. We’re also planning an episode featuring some wonderful debut authors just embarking on their author careers.

What’s the funniest thing a child has ever said to you during one of your podcast recording sessions?

We’ve been lucky enough to feature a lot of wonderful, smart, well read and hilarious kids on the show in our Kids Capers segment, which stars kids in a variety of ways. We’ve had kids interviewing their literary heroes, including RA Spratt, Gregg Dreise and Jules Faber, kids reviewing books, and times they’ve contributed their own creative writing which we’ve shared on the show. A highlight was the time Stig Wemyss (the audiobook voice of Andy and Terry!) performed a winning piece in a professional Bolinda production. There have been lots of funny comments and moments, but one that springs to mine is young Albie who just couldn’t stop speaking ‘chicken’ during their interview. Cluck!

How is One More Podcast funded?

The podcast is self-funded for now. We’re exploring the possibilities of an arts grant to cover expenditures we currently cover, like website hosting. But until then it’s a true DIY venture, with a little help from some friends (shout out to Marianne Khoo who designs our logo and episode images, and Adam Orlowski for sound editing).

How can people listen to One More Podcast?

One More Page is on iTunes and all major podcast apps, like PocketCasts, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify – just search for us on the podcast app on your phone, and we should pop up! Another easy option is to listen directly from our website,  We also have shownotes for each episode there too, if you’re looking for more information on our guests or a book we’ve reviewed.

What’s next from the One More Podcast team?

We have an exciting year ahead, with much of our 2019 content mapped out already. We have a theme for each episode, and have some new angles on kids’ book we’re going to explore, from adventure stories and graphic novels to non-fiction. Following the success of our CYA Conference special in 2018, we’re also looking forward to attending more events. Kate and Nat have lined up some interviews at the upcoming CBCA Conference in Canberra, plus a return to CYA is in the works. The three us of each have books coming out this year, so we’re also looking forward to sharing news about those on the show.

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