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Grandpa's Noises
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Grandpa’s Noises by Gareth St John Thomas and Colin Rowe

When I arrive at Grandpa’s, he makes a noise like a rusty gate opening. ‘Eeeeaarrrrlllooo’. That means hello.

Through the eyes of an interestingly different kind of grandchild, we are taken on a journey through the day in the life of loveable old Grandpa.

Grandpa’s noises are a little strange. It’s hard to work out what he is sometimes saying. With the help of Grandpa’s ‘grandchild’ pairing his quirky noises to everyday sounds such as drinking a cup of tea ‘Schluuupglubshlurrrpglub’ with the sound a busy drain makes. Or roaring like a lion ‘Raarrgggghh! at a passing car that drives through a puddle will help readers identify with Grandpa’s unique sounds.

Mostly with a smile, Grandpa creaks, pops ‘Eyenolessgofurawark’s’ and ‘Pisshpusshawertt’s through his day. Until he meets a ‘Uraooligan!’, who looks to be similar in age to dear old Grandpa. Soaking and red-faced, Grandpa launches into an alphabet of sounds from his mouth to his bottom.

Leaving a trail of destruction as he enters the door, Grandpa’s soon soothed by Granny’s calming cup of tea.

What makes a child laugh more than the sounds our bodies make? And the elderly seem to have a sound for every occasion.

Children and adults will enjoy mimicking Grandpa’s sounds while reading aloud to this entertaining story by Gareth St John Thomas.

Colin Rowe’s vibrant illustrations are a delight and help make this ‘oneeenjoyyableread’.

Author: Gareth St John Thomas

Illustrator: Colin Rowe

Publisher: EK Books


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