Happy 10 years Creative Kids Tales!

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In December 2021, Creative Kids Tales turned 10! That’s a long time in the kidlit industry.

I am proud of all that we have achieved. Over the past ten years, our industry has changed so much.

Creative Kids Tales was launched to help others, but I also needed help on my journey to publication. It’s no secret, in fact, I have promoted extensively over the years, that if you can’t go through the publishing front door, look for a window. That was the initial premise on which CKT was formed. But as the seed took shape, I realised there was an opportunity to do so much more not only for authors but for the writing community.

Our goals were simple.

  • Assist emerging authors and illustrators on their publication journey.
  • Offer them a voice and a place to display their work.
  • Build a website with the tools and services to assist emergings.
  • Share the journeys and advice from well-known industry names.
  • Publish a collection of stories from Creative Kids Tales members.
  • Run a festival.

We achieved all we set out to and a whole lot more.

I have been reflecting on our rich history and our many successes.

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Here are some of our highlights from the last ten years.

  • We’ve promoted over 500 authors and illustrators through our website.
  • We’ve published over 150 authors and illustrators in our anthologies.
  • We branched out into radio via The Author’s Shelf.
  • We’ve hosted three festivals that have seen multiple emergings secure publishing contracts.
  • We provide key services such as Author Personal Training and Manuscript Assessment services.
  • The Cocoon Club, our online critique group, has seen many authors secure publishing contracts.
  • For several years, we were the primary corporate sponsor of the KOALA Awards.
  • We’ve interviewed over 100 prominent authors and illustrators.
  • We’ve featured 21 key book industry organisations.
  • YouTube is home to our Author’s Shelf interviews, including some that didn’t make it to air.
  • We host various social media platforms for authors/illustrators to connect, share, and be inspired.
  • We developed the INVEST the Write Way workshop, which provides vital information and tools for a successful writing career.
  • The CKT Writing Academy runs workshops with presenters: Jackie French, Jacquie Harvey, Susanne Gervay, Louise Park, Clare Hallifax, Megan Daley, Wendy Orr, Sue Whiting and Tracey Hawkins.
  • We run writing competitions.
  • We offer a Contract Assessment service.
  • We ran the CKT Kids Book Club, which provided kids with free books to enjoy and review.
  • We featured Australian publishers via our Publishers in Focus series.
  • We’ve supported Books in Homes and Love2Read.
  • We are listed on the National Library’s Pandora Archive.
  • We’ve reviewed books and blogged.
  • We donated thousands of dollars worth of books to hospital kid’s wards.
  • In 2019, we launched the CKT Speakers’ Agency.
  • In 2021 we launched CKT Publishing.
  • Our site averages 400,000 – 500,000 hits per month from local and overseas visitors.
  • We have assisted hundreds of authors and illustrators on their journey to publication.

Since launching CKT in 2011, I have met some amazing people and formed fantastic friendships, and while one of my goals was to get published, I am thankful that I have gained skills not only as a writer, but as a mentor, teacher, educator, festival director, radio host, presenter, and entrepreneur.

I love being able to work in a job that makes my heart sing. There is no greater reward than helping creatives on their path to publication. But CKT is a team effort, and I am fortunate to be surrounded by incredible people who have supported and guided me over the years.

Thank you to those who have walked alongside me for this journey. I hope you will continue as we take our first steps into the next 10 years.

Happy 10 years Creative Kids Tales!

Georgie 🙂


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