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George by Pat Simmons and Katrin Dreiling

‘We’ve made an appointment. We’ve not told him yet. We can’t put it off. George must visit the vet.’

George’s fate is sealed, he’s off to the vet, and he doesn’t want a bar of it. He’ll do whatever he can to avoid it.

He hides under the table then escapes out the door. The barbeques the best spot but he’s not fooling his family at all. With a crash and scramble, he’s off out the gate. With family in tow, where will he end up? He’s creating havoc along the way from a lavender patch to the local cake shop. George will not stop!

Time’s running out. George’s family need to get to the vets, but when they arrive, it’s not what George expects.

Pat’s a whizz rhyming her words she’s written a variety of stories that have been published both in Australia and overseas. She has her own George, so this story holds an extra special place in her heart, and she has created a quirky story to entertain the whole family.

Katrin has captured George’s personality perfectly. Her use of warm colours and a keen eye for detail give this story additional flavour. I particularly love Mrs O’Rafferty’s cranky expression.

A lovely story that will invite discussion about love, trust and misunderstanding.

Author: Pat Simmons
Illustrator: Katrin Dreiling
Publisher: Little Steps Publishing


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