Anita Kenny

Anita Kenny
Member since: March 28, 2016

I have always loved to express myself with words, words, words. And in the written format, I feel I can do this at my best with the utmost pleasure. I am the go-to person in the office when that formal email needs to be done, when a diplomatic response is required, when copy needs to adorn artwork or a media release must feature all the benefits in a readable format. I pride myself on this!

I’ve been published in submissions for magazines, client newsletters and media… plus I’m a marketer, so to me, communication is the key to any successful marketing campaign!

I have dabbled in creative writing since I was quite young , having done short courses for short stories or writing for children’s books and more. I am always coming up with “ideas for a story” and love to bring fantasy and fun together with real life, in the hope that readers will identify with characters but perhaps be delivered on a journey that otherwise may never be grasped.

It gives me great pleasure to see children reading – lying back with a cup of hot chocolate and a book nestled in their lap, or learning new words as they progress through a story. I hope that some of my works in progress will also make it to these laps one day.

I’m a mum of three pretty cool kids who are all creative in their very own right. I hope that by seeing me work hard to follow my creative dreams, they too will be inspired to follow their own.

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