Artelle Lenthall

Artelle Lenthall
Member since: October 12, 2014

Artelle Lenthall loves the world of stories, the magic of words on a page and the amazing places they can take us. As a primary school teacher and mother, it is not surprising Artelle developed a particular love of Picture Books and their profound ability to build relationships and impact upon the lives of children and adults alike. As a children’s writer, Artelle hopes to share stories children and adults alike will love to hear, read and lose themselves in.

Her upcoming debut Picture Book, Star, will be released soon.

Artelle can be found on Facebook at Artelle Lenthall, Journeygirl and regularly at CKT Cocoon Club and Jen Storer’s, The Duck Pond. She blogs at and can be reached at


  • Picture Book, Star, accepted for publication by Little Pink Dog Books 2018 Due for release in March 2021
  • Picture Book, This Book is NOT for You, shortlisted for publication by Big Sky Publishing 2017
  • Short story, Warriors, Special Judge’s Award Nairda Lyne Award 2018
  • Short story, Except For the Mouse published in the Creative Kids Tales (CKT) Story Collection 2017
  • Short story, Being Different published in Zinewest Anthology 2015
  • Short Story, The Sorrowful Star published in Zinewest Anthology 2014

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