Carolyn Wyrsch

Carolyn Wyrsch
Member since: January 5, 2022

I was born in Neath, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My family and I immigrated to Australia and settled in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, in 1963. My childhood was spent in a loving family who allowed their children to use their imagination in nature. As I got older, my life still held the magic of my experience. I have always had a special communication with nature and the elementals and I have always known I was never alone.

I am at present living in Launceston, Tasmania, where I am undertaking a refresher course in grammar through Launceston Library. I am also a literacy volunteer at the library.

I have self-published a middle-grade, fantasy novel, titled Thadities and the Clan. The Wildwoods of First.

I am at present writing the second novel in this series.


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