Cheryl Polonski

Cheryl Polonski
Member since: January 1, 2022

Since 1982 Cheryl worked in various positions in Canberra schools, with students from Pre-school to Year 10.  The last 10+ years, was as an Early Childhood Educator in a public school.  Watching the look on the children’s faces when listening to a new story or rhyme, (some of which she wrote,) compelled her to write more and more, so she has quite a collection.

In 2012 she, her husband and dog, moved to the Southern Tablelands of NSW, where they live an off-grid rural life with a dozen or so cows and some chickens.  Most of her stories have been inspired by watching the wildlife which surrounds her every day.  She thinks it’s about time she became serious about her passion for rhyme and whimsy, so has submitted several stories to publishers.

She’s had a haiku and a science poem included in anthologies and her longer work ‘Wintertime in Canberra’ was published in These Strange Outcrops by Cicerone Journal. (2020)


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