Christine Kodos

Christine Kodos
Member since: August 5, 2021

Christine grew up in a family of 10 with 2 dogs, 3 budgies and a turtle. As a child she spent most of her time climbing trees and swinging from flying foxes. Today she still loves outdoor adventure and you’ll often find her in the tree tops with her young children.

Wherever Christine goes she carries a notepad so that she can scribble down words. She loves writing as it enables her to be creative and tell the stories that are constantly swirling in her head.

Professionally Christine is a learning support teacher and works with children who find school life a challenge. Her dream is to publish a series of fun and humorous picture books to help these children thrive.

Christine has completed courses through the Australian Writers’ Centre and Writing NSW. She is a member of Writing NSW and CKT and is always looking for new learning opportunities.


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