Debby Cameron

Debby Cameron
Member since: October 23, 2016

Grandmother of four who call me Nonnie, mother of two who call me Mom, and wife of one who calls me Babe, I have recently retired and moved to the Gold Coast from the U.S.A. with my Australian husband, black Lab, and tabby cat. I have applied for residency and, once eligible, will apply to become a citizen. I will, however, carry my accent with me to the grave.

I am a dabbler in all sorts of things, writing being one of my favorites. I’m known for spending hours on end obsessively writing and revising. Although I’ve been published in three magazines, and one of my short stories has made the shortlist in Ireland’s Fish Publishing’s short story competition four years in a row, I am also known for procrastinating endlessly about sending out query letters.

But things are about to change. Now that I’ve started a whole new life, I’m putting myself out there.

So get ready y’all. I’m here.

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