Elizabeth Macintosh

Elizabeth Macintosh
Member since: October 11, 2017

Elizabeth Macintosh is an award-winning writer and former teacher based in regional NSW. Her tales often have a humorous twist and many are inspired by real events. Elizabeth’s short stories have been published in ‘The School Magazine’ and several anthologies, including ‘The Creative Kids Tales Story Collection 2’ and ‘Tell ‘em They’re Dreaming. Bedtime Ballads and Tall Tales from the Australian Bush’. She regularly attends writers’ festivals and courses in order to develop her skills.

Elizabeth likes to inspire young people to develop their creative abilities and she has successfully conducted writing workshops at both primary and secondary levels. Her students have won countless awards, many in prestigious state or national competitions. She presents author talks in schools and public libraries, as well as speaking at community dinners connected with writers’ festivals.

She once climbed Mt Vesuvius and was delighted to find a shop at the summit.


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