Jarryd Clancy

Jarryd Clancy
Member since: September 30, 2021

It all started when Jarryd was in year 2. Jarryd was always behind in his class and because of this, he just couldn’t get into reading. One day, however, Mrs Barnes, his year 2 teacher, read ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton to the class and Jarryd was then catapulted into another world.

Since then, Jarryd’s love for picture books has grown even more when his two older brothers had children of their own. Jarryd dreams that someday he can read his stories to his niece, his nephews and to see it on a bookshelf whether it be at his local library or in a bookshop.

Jarryd is yet to be published but in the meantime, he continues to write silly and yet heart-warming stories for kids and networking with other picture book enthusiasts.

Jarryd loves cats, dogs, reading, writing, his niece and his nephews.

Jarryd does NOT like brussel sprouts, crying and spiders!

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