JoJo Leslie

JoJo Leslie
Member since: June 29, 2021

JoJo Leslie loves the creative process. She is an aspiring Children’s book author, but when she isn’t writing picture books, you will find her strumming guitar and penning songs. She is an experienced primary school teacher and at the age of nine discovered a patch of twenty, four-leafed clovers, to which she still has today.  Did they bring her a lifetime of luck? Who knows, but it’s a fun fact to share.

JoJo is a member of Creative Kids Tales and completed the Australian Writers Centre–Writing Picture Books Course. She has established herself with a writers group known as the Sunshine House Writers & Creatives and is now very eager to dive headfirst into this journey.   A mother of two adult children, her first picture book idea was inspired by her then three year old daughter.  She is finding her voice and enjoying the adventure, while hoping a little of the Irish luck (effort, persistence and resilience) may assist her with achieving her dream of becoming a published author.


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