K.L. Hughes

K.L. Hughes
Member since: February 23, 2019

K.L. Hughes loves Middle Grade Fiction! She loves writing for a maturing readership that is still young at heart. She loves the rich diversity of this genre that brims with wonder, humour, possibilities, mystery and adventure, where the depths of human experience can be plumbed (or not). She loves that the worlds’ potential can still be openly explored before Young Adult Fiction sets in… and it’s all teen vampire romances from there… And she’d love to get published!

Currently K.L. Hughes lives, and considers herself privileged to do so, on Whadjuk boodja (country) in the city of Perth, Western Australia. She holds a Bachelor degree in Communications and juggles parenting with a paying job, although, not literally.

You can reach out to Kate on Facebook at www.facebook.com/K.L.Hughes


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