Karen Hendriks

Karen Hendriks
Member since: June 8, 2016

I live in Shellharbour, and love the natural beauty and the relaxed nature of our place by the sea. Shellharbour is the perfect place for a writer.

I have been a teacher for over twenty years and have always used children’s picture books as a core part of my literacy teaching. A long held goal is to write picture books and become a creator of story magic.

I love teaching children to read and have been trained as a Reading Recovery teacher and a Language, Literacy and Learning teacher. I have worked in low socio economic schools and with Aboriginal students, English as their Second Language students and low achieving students. The importance of good quality picture books used with good quality teaching really does make a huge difference. The impact of good quality picture books in children’s lives as a form of entertainment and learning cannot be underestimated. The joy and innocence of childhood should be embraced and treasured. I strongly believe reading is the most important skill a child can learn.

I have professional memberships for writers and I am attending Children’s literature conferences and workshops. I would like to start a writer’s group in the Shellharbour area with like-minded writers.

The very first story that I wrote called “Wombat Cuddles” is published online in Short Tales 2 with Storm Cloud Publishing.

I have a passion for travel and embrace all the excitement, learning and joy that it offers.

Our home is near the beach and we live in a friendly haven. The local coffee shops are often my writing offices. Elmo our dog is my little mate who patiently sits by my side while I write.

My Facebook page is Karen Hendriks Children’s Author. Find me and join to network and share.


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