Kate McCaffrey

Kate McCaffrey
Member since: October 11, 2021

My love for reading began as a child. Mostly it was our mother Margaret who would read out aloud to us before bed for every afternoon and night sleep. Mum’s parents were great advocates for receiving a sound education and it carried on through to her. After every story we would say “just one more please mum”. When our dad Jack read us a story it was usually made up on the spot and very humorous, although one particular favourite of his was “The Hobyahs” a very creepy school reader from his childhood.

They say we all have a story in us, I have had quite a few rolling around in my head for a very long time. My day job involves working with my husband Ken in our family construction business where I drive a tipper, a watercart or a roller. So naturally my stories involve our trucks and machinery who all have names and their own particular characteristics. On some weekends I work as a nurse at our local hospital and in my spare time I enjoy making soaps to sell at our local markets.

My ten-year-old grandson Zach is my co-author. We have spent numerous days together in the holidays delivering water or gravel in the trucks to out of the way addresses and coming up with story ideas. Zach and I are emerging authors and plan to publish our stories about a red dog, a naughty cat, some trucks and machinery in the very near future.

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