Kate O’Neil

Kate O'Neil
Member since: June 20, 2016

Kate O’Neil loves words, especially the way they get together in poems. She taught Speech and Drama for several years at Wollongong Conservatorium of Music and believes that memorising and performing poetry has immeasurable benefits for children.

In 2014 Kate was short-listed for the inaugural Manchester Writing for Children Prize. Three of her poems are included in “Let in the Stars”, the anthology of poems selected from competition entries.

Other poems have appeared in magazines including the NSW School Magazine, “The Caterpillar” (Ireland), “The Voice” (Speech and Drama Association NSW ed Zita Denholm), ‘Wish Upon a Southern Star’ (fractured Fairy Tales ed Shelley Chappell NZ 2017) and in various anthologies of poems for children, including:

Emma Press anthologies: ‘The Head that Wears the Crown’ (2018) and ‘The Bee is not Afraid of Me” (2021?), ‘Happy Poems’ ed Roger Mc Gough (Macmillan 2018) and ‘Moonstruck” ed Roger Stevens (Otter-Barry 2019)

Kate’s poems for adults are included in: ‘The Best of Today’s Little Ditty’ (ed Michelle Heidenrich-Barnes USA) 2016 and 2017-8, ‘Whirlagust’, the Yaffle Prize Anthology UK 2019, Azuria #9 (Geelong Writers 2019), W B Yeats Society prize poems 2018, ‘Poetica Christi’ anthologies 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, the ‘Grieve’ anthology vol 8 Hunter Writers’ Centre 2018 and ‘Heroines’ vol 2 (Neo-perennial Press 2019)

Her collection, ‘Cool Poems’, was published by Triple D Books, Wagga Wagga in 2018, as part of the Reciter Series by Australian poets.


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