Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald
Member since: January 1, 2013

Kelly Clark ( also writing under Kelly McDonald) is a real life fairy. For 30 years she has been spreading magic, joy, stories and a truckload of glitter around Melbourne and Europe. (she is also very old)

Kelly has also done very well over the years in contests, including a first in CYA for both her middle grade story, Gordon Hackney and the nit factory, and Illustrating, 3rd in Creative Kids Tales most recent contest and first in Jackie Hoskings spring Rhyming contest. ( we are allowed to brag here, yes?)

Her first YA, a ghost story called Darkness in Shelley, is currently at the Serenity press publishing house.

With stories published in both the Creative Kids Tales Story Collection Volumes 1 and 2, Dee White’s HEAT, Sally Odgers Prints Charming series, plus teapot tales and others, Kelly’s next challenge is to stop fiddling and actually submit her work.

She has also self published a little magazine that sold extremely well last year which answers a question that is often asked about a certain jolly old man in a red suit.


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