Lesley Reed

Lesley Reed
Member since: February 1, 2021

There are two creative endeavours in Lesley’s life: theatre and writing.

Writing came first, yet in terms of actioning as an adult, came second for a while.

As a child Lesley loved English classes and particularly, writing essays on all sorts of subjects. While her teachers loved her essays they very much disliked her handwriting. One teacher described it as ‘crude’, not realising there was perhaps a reason for that. As a young child Lesley developed poliomyelitis and for 18 months could not walk or make her hands do what they should. Completely well as an adult, she uses polio as her excuse for her handwriting now!

During her thirties Lesley’s creative outlet became theatre and she went on to perform in many plays, became a theatre critic later and also now directs plays. She works in both the community theatre and professional realms of acting, including professional acting to teach medical students how to deal with stressful family-based scenarios within paediatric mental health. She also acts in television commercials and film work.

Lesley combined her theatre work with writing for some years, as South Australia’s correspondent for Stage Whispers, an Australasian stage magazine and website.

Writing stories for publication lingered as a ‘must do’ thought at the back of Lesley’s mind until a few years ago, when Lesley embarked on a six-month course in writing children’s stories, through Adelaide TAFE Centre for The Arts. The rest is history. A self-published children’s fantasy novel, multiple stories published in anthologies and several award nominations later, Lesley is now heading in the direction of focusing on picture books. She is crossing everything on having publishers take interest in several current manuscripts.

And Lesley’s handwriting is still terrible.

Lesley’s novel TIME GAMERS: The Chameleon Quest can be found at:



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