Linda Swadling

Linda Swadling
Member since: February 1, 2021

Linda Swadling has had a passion for writing since she was a child. She wrote and illustrated her first children’s book about a horse who went on a picnic with her friends, when she was in year four. With a very limited run of one book you won’t find it in any second hand bookstore, but it has always held a place in her heart.

A mother of four young children, Linda started writing children’s picture books to show her children the joy of reading and writing and to involve them in the process of writing a book. In fact, one of her first books was written using an idea her eldest child gave her while they were exploring their backyard for lizards and other creepy crawlies. Linda’s love of nature is another source of inspiration, and if you scroll through the photos on her phone, among the pictures of her children, you will always find photos of spiders, lizards, and her native bees.


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