Louise Jones

Louise Jones
Member since: August 8, 2021

Even though I have not slept a full night for 6 years, having two young children with tiny attention spans is great for an aspiring picture book author. The kids make great test dummies, and if they are still listening by the end or a story, I know I’ve hit the mark. Anything boring, dull, or too long goes in the bin. And if they are asking for pictures, I know I’ve struck gold!

Before kids I worked in IT for a decade then freelanced in social media management & training, now I’m following my passion for working with children, studying education support, and writing for kids.

I live in regional Victoria with my test dummies, husband, cat and 3 chooks. We love camping and visiting the grandparents’ farm, and we volunteer at Sovereign Hill (an outdoor museum), dressing up in 1850s costumes, demonstrating gold rush life to visitors from all over the world.


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