Mark Mathieson

Mark Mathieson
Member since: August 4, 2021

I am a language teacher by trade but writing and music are my passions. At a young age I developed a love for the sound, rhythm and feel of words and the way words can be played with to create something entertaining and funny.  I have a particular love of amusing, rhyming verse and most of the writing I do, whether it be children’s picture books or songs for adults, draws on humour, rhyme and rhythm.

I am currently working on a picture book series based very loosely on the life and times of my very first dog.  Bedtime stories that I once told my children when they were little (they are now in their twenties) form the basis for other children’s stories that I have written. I also enjoy writing limericks, just for fun (although I perhaps shouldn’t admit to that!). When I’m not writing, singing, or playing the guitar there is nothing I enjoy more than being out in nature.  I have a particular fondness for the freedom of camping, the stimulation of a daily bike ride and the exhilaration of a morning swim.  These things all help me to tap into the creative side of my brain.

As I immerse myself more and more into the writing community, I look forward to sharing ideas with, and getting feedback from, others who are also on the writing journey. I would get immense satisfaction from having my stories published and seeing them accepted, appreciated, and enjoyed by others.

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