Megan Higginson

Megan Higginson
Member since: February 1, 2021

Megan is a Latrobe Valley based author and illustrator who is passionate about encouraging kids to read and write while exploring their imagination, even if some find writing and reading difficult.

Megan’s first picture book, Raymund and the Fear Monster was released in 2019 and is being sold worldwide. She also has had a number of stories CKT Story Collection Vol 1 and 2, as well as nine illustrations in the Vol 2 collection. Megan has also illustrated a picture book for another author, My Princess Wears a Superhero Cape, by Melissa Gijsbers, due out early 2021.

Megan has always been an avid reader of books from all genres, but her favourite genres are sci-fi and fantasy. As a child and teenager, if she could have combined reading from horseback while galloping along Mackay’s beaches, or while mustering cattle in the Queensland outback she would have. (Of course, she would have not enjoyed the thrill of adventure if she’d had her head in a book).

Currently, Megan is working on a middle grade sci-fi novel and several junior fiction sci-fi and fantasy stories.

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