Michèle Dodd

Michèle Dodd
Member since: April 25, 2022

Michèle is an illustrator and children’s picture book author. She started her career a veterinary nurse but creativity took over and she studied to become a graphic designer and then in-house illustrator in an advertising studio. Michèle moved onto freelance illustration and started to work on children’s books and early readers.

Her proudest moment was beating all the top advertising agencies at the time to illustrate the Australian promotional poster of Walt Disney’s The Lion King.

Losing her home and studio in the Black Saturday Bushfires completely changed her life. But Michèle never lost her love of writing and somehow fought back and obtained an Associate Degree in Writing and Publishing. She slowly started to rebuild a career and became published as both writer and illustrator for the picture book Cats Bats and Witches Hats. Michèle also went on to win several awards for her short stories and has been published/featured in The Adelaide Advertiser, Home Beautiful and The Age.

Michèle is currently writing Middle Grade and YA novels. Her pitch for a YA novel was short listed in the 2021 ‘Pitch It’ competition.


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