Millie Lewis

Millie Lewis
Member since: June 24, 2021

Millie Lewis lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two babies (one fur-baby, one regular). She rediscovered her long-dormant love of writing while on maternity leave during the COVID-19 pandemic, and completed her first children’s picture book manuscript through the sleep-deprived, coffee-fuelled haze of her son’s newborn phase. Miraculously, the story turned out okay, and even more miraculously, it was picked up for publication.

Millie loves all children’s books, but is especially drawn to picture books. She respects their unique value in laying the foundations for a lifetime love of reading (not to mention a whole host of other developmentally-important skills). She enjoys writing in both rhyme and prose, and weaves tales that elicit strong emotional reactions from young readers – tears, cheers and belly laughs are always appreciated.

Millie’s debut picture book is currently in production with Larrikin House.

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