Rory H. Mather

Rory H. Mather
Member since: October 28, 2017

Rory H. Mather is an award-winning author…well he has won awards – mostly for gym stuff – and he is also an author. Either way he is bad at maths. He writes picture books, mostly funny ones but he does like to keep his readers guessing.

His current available titles are Vlad’s Bad Breath (Larrikin House 2020), Easter Hat-astrophe (Scholastic Australia 2021) and Vlad’s in Love (Larrikin House 2021). In 2021 he has four books coming out but at the time of writing this at least half of them are still top secret so, ‘Shhh!’. He also has books coming out next year and probably the year after that too, in fact, he hopes to have books coming out every year from now on.

He loves potatoes, doggos, board games and making friends (clay is the way to go). He lives with his favourite person – his wife Georgia – and two dogs who he sometimes regrets not sending to puppy school.

Find him at:




The Supermarket: Where the potatoes are.

The Bookstore: Where the picture books are.

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