Rosemary Argue

Rosemary Argue
Member since: December 21, 2020

I am an emerging author and write Australian historical fiction, both short stories and novels. My work develops out of the places I visit and I’m drawn to old buildings that have a story to tell. I am also curious about the natural environment and weave it into my stories.

I grew up with English as my second language. At age four my mum sent me off to Kindergarten to learn English. This meant I grew up with a foot in two cultures which has given me a different perspective of the world: that the most obvious view is not the only one. I am driven to give voice to the less obvious, whether that is from a non-east coast perspective, a cultural minority or some ‘other’ perspective. Although most of my short stories are for adults, I am keen to engage children in history and the natural environment through my writing.

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