Sandy Flett

Sandy Flett
Member since: July 15, 2021

Sandy is a published illustrator of several middle grade fiction books and is a writer of quirky stories.

As a little girl, Sandy spent a lot of time on the floor of her bedroom with her books, paper, paints, glue, Textas, pencils, scrap books, rolls sticky tape and empty toilet paper rolls, “making and painting, picture-stories and other stuff.”

As she grew up, nothing much changed (except maybe the toilet roll and the siting on the floor bits) as Sandy now sits in her art studio in the chilly highlands of New England, NSW, creating children’s books with messy ink, watercolour and assorted Apple devices. Sandy spends ALOT of time bringing to life endearing, zany characters, and stories full of comic twists and unexpected surprises. Sandy believes she has the best job in the world.

Sandy has illustrated several middle grade fiction books:

  • The 2 books in the Edie’s Experiments series by Charlotte Barkla, published by Penguin Random House. Edie’s Experiments, How to be the Best, has been shortlisted for the 2021 Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children’s Literature.
  • The 4 books in the Juno Jones series by CBCA Shortlisted author, Kate Gordon, published by Yellow Brick Books. Juno Jones, Word Ninja is on the NSW Premier’s Reading list.
  • “The Terrible Thing” is a not-so scary, but kind-of-spooky short story written by Sandy.  You can find it in the “Spooktacular Stories-Thrilling Tales for Brave Kids” Anthology edited by Michelle Worthington.

She now also has been working on writing and illustrating her own picture books and middle grade fiction series, which makes her a pretty happy little Vegemite. But not as happy as when she gets to visit schools and share the love of drawing and story writing. Or, when she sees the drawings sent in to her by the children who watch her Youtube “Kids Art School” drawing channel.

In her spare time, Sandy works at the local country hospital as an Occupational Therapist, takes her doggie child (Domino the semi-human Border Collie) for country road runs, reads classic novels and comic books and hangs out with her beloved childhood sweetheart, Nige and their 3 human children.

She occasionally finds time to eat and sleep.


Facebook: Sandyflettillustration

Instagram: Sandyflettsart

YouTube: SandyFlettsKidsArtSchool

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