Sharara Attai

Sharara Attai
Member since: July 15, 2021

When Sharara was ten, a friend handed her a Baby-Sitters Club book and suggested that she read it. Sharara was very reluctant. She had never willingly read a book before and she didn’t intend to start, as reading was not her ”thing”. Yet her friend convinced her that these books were actually fun to read and that she should give it a go. Sharara agreed to take the book and she is beyond grateful that she did.

From that day on, Sharara became the biggest bookworm. She became obsessed – reading every spare waking moment. She remembers telling her family that prison would be ideal for her because then she wouldn’t have to go to school or do anything else and she could just read all day.

Unfortunately, after she finished high school, her love affair with books took a back seat as life got in the way.

However, in the last four years Sharara has rekindled her love for books, thanks to becoming a mum to two mini bookworms…except that now that love has extended to picture books! Now, the only thing that gives her more joy than reading a good book is watching her kids enjoy a good book. That has ignited a fire within her to create picture book magic.

Sharara is a human rights lawyer by profession, which is a completely different kettle of fish, but she’s excited for the challenge to produce something beautiful.

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