Sharna Carter

Sharna Carter
Member since: January 25, 2018

Sharna Carter is a children’s author who loves to write and perform for kids. Her greatest performance so far is the happy dance she did when she signed her first picture book contract with Ethicool Books for ‘Watermelon Pip.’ Sharna also has a number of stories and poems published in anthologies, with the proceeds from these going towards charity initiatives.

With her background in performing arts and teaching, it’s no surprise that Sharna enjoys visiting pre-schools and primary schools to read stories and conduct workshops. While she loves to be silly and to make others laugh, Sharna is serious about her writing. She has completed numerous writing courses, attends conferences and workshops, and works closely with critique groups. Sharna is passionate about children’s literature and her stories encourage laughter, reflection and self-belief. To discover more about Sharna and her books head to her website or follow her socials.





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