Trish Donald

Trish Donald
Member since: September 7, 2021

Trish Donald is an emerging author/illustrator of children’s picture books and short stories.

Her illustration style blends various mediums such as pen, paint, and photographs of textures including concrete and graffiti, along with digital drawing to create a contemporary, unique style.

Trish loves connecting with children through creative workshops focusing on written and visual literacy at primary and high schools. She also runs a variety of creative workshops for adults encouraging them to explore their ideas and does not shy away from speaking at events about her creative process.

Trish has a background teaching graphic design at TAFE and currently creates digital media resources used in online education such as animations, eBooks, and drag and drop activities for a University.

One of the things Trish loves most (apart from the mighty All Blacks) is coming up with innovative, quirky ideas and lifting the spirits of others.


Facebook: Trish Donald

Instagram: trish.donald


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