Yalda Adel

Yalda Adel
Member since: August 25, 2021

Being very curious about the world around her, Yalda worked as a medical scientist in a laboratory before having her two girls and staying home to raise them.

Her love of books and especially children’s books was obvious when reading bedtime stories to her daughters, when she would read them again and again often without being asked or even after the kids were asleep!

One day, while her first baby was asleep at home with her Dad, Yalda went out to a nearby cafe to have a coffee and some quiet reflection time, and having a book and pen with her, she started to write down a story that she wanted to read to her daughter. Since then, the joy of writing stories has not faded and Yalda continues to write to encourage children to be curious, ask questions and discover the joys of the world around them through books.


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