Zoya Nojin

Zoya Nojin
Member since: October 18, 2014

Zoya Nojin is a medical scientist with a passion for writing children’s stories. You name it – picture books, junior fiction, middle grade – they all rock her world.

She’s thrilled to have won multiple awards for her short stories, as well as an ASA Mentorship with Nette Hilton, and the CBCA’s Charlotte Waring Barton Award with Random House and JC Burke for two longer works. She’s also had many stories and poems published in The School Magazine, online and in wonderful anthologies such as The Creative Kids Tales Story Collection.

After collaborating on Write-A-Book-in-a-Day for The Kids Cancer Project and winning Best Book nationally, Zoya went on to co-write middle grade fantasy, INTO TORDON, with the same team. In 2016, it was published by MidnightSun.

When not tending to her rabbits and chickens and a writing-eating parrot, Zoya can be found at:


f: www.facebook.com/zoyanojinwriter

t: www.twitter.com/zoyanojin

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