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Passion Led Us Here - Testimonials

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Read some of the kind testimonials our friends in the Kidlit/Children’s writing industry have written about Creative Kids Tales (CKT).

Passion Led Us Here - Testimonials
Creative Kids Tales will jump-start adults seeking to become writers!
I would have loved to have had access to Creative Kids Tales when I was starting out! It's an invaluable source of information, inspiration and encouragement for both emerging (and fully-emerged!) writers.
Georgie at Creative Kids Tales is an absolute stand-out. I’ve done lots of conferences where I have presented in person and on zoom and I can promise you, Georgie is head and shoulders above the rest. She’s so professional and thorough. I never worry when I’m in her hands. And I applaud all the wonderful services she offers our publishing and writing community. CKT is a tremendous asset run by an extremely capable business person. Love what you do, Georgie. Congratulations and I hope to do lots more with you in the future. I wish you every success—you deserve!
Thank you for ten fabulous years supporting kids, authors, and a hundred brilliant ways to foster the love of books and stories!
Creative Kids Tales offers a brilliant platform for creators to keep in touch and learn from each other.
That is a great thing for this most isolated of all professions (apart from On-site Antarctic Penguin Imitators).
What a great site! We all tend to work in isolation in our own little caves. It’s great to see all the other cave dwellers out there and realise we are not alone. What a great resource!
CKT is informative, relevant, recent and fun! It’s an exceptional resource for anyone involved in children’s literature.
CKT is like the friendly and helpful colleague I could have done with when I started out.
Creative Kids Tales is great. You can pick the brains of people who make stuff without having to stalk them or do anything illegal.
Creative Kids tales is the perfect place to go for inspiration and to recharge the creative batteries.
Creative Kids Tales is such a great website for navigating this industry – not just for authors and illustrators, but for parents and teachers and librarians and publishers and kids and storytellers of all sorts. It’s awesome!
It's easy to feel alone when writing, and clueless about what happens next. Creative Kids Tales offers answers and community - invaluable resources.
Creative Kids Tales is an awesome resource you should totally check it out.
What can I say? Well if you have clicked this far and uncovered these words you KNOW that this (Creative Kids Tales) is a terrific resource full of ideas and connections. SO dig deeper and get connected!
I wish Creative Kids Tales had been around when I was first starting out! What a brilliant way to connect with other authors and find out about the lovely world of kids books.
What a terrific, enthusiastic, informative and creative resource - of value and interest to so many people. I'm delighted to be a part of it.
Creative Kids Tales is a warm and wonderful home.
Creative Kids Tales provides such a valuable service. Writing can be a lonely business. Seeking publication can be daunting. It is wonderful for writers to be able to access such a comprehensive site where information, experiences and the ups and downs of writing for kids can be shared.
I love the grumpy cat videos, hahaha it's so grumpy ... oh, wait, wrong website. Ah yes, Creative Kids Tales. Brilliant! Getting published is an amazing, frustrating, brilliant, lonely, creative journey, and CKT is awesome in that it helps provide support, inspiration, a community, and by allowing authors to learn from other authors, and who better is there to learn from .. .except maybe that grumpy cat, hahaha, hilarious.
Creative Kids Tales is a brilliant resource – for established writers and those just starting out. I wish it had been around when I was a new writer. There are lots of invaluable tips and great advice.
Thanks for being such a strong advocate for children’s literature, the power of stories, and reading.
I stumbled on to Creative Kids Tales by accident. I thought it was kid's tails. I'd been doing some research about goats and how their tails were actually a fifth leg, a very long time ago. Or did I just dream that? In any case, I was bitterly disappointed at first to find not tails, but tales. However, while I was at the site I had a wander around, and soon discovered that it was even better than a goat's site - no kidding! This is a brilliant haven for writers, new and not so new; a place to showcase their work and to learn from others.
Emerging from one's chrysalis of anonymity into the prodigious world of creative children's writing and publishing is a daunting prospect. Creative Kids Tales is a superlative source of inspiration and information. A fun, friendly, and informative forum that everyone in the kids' lit industry can benefit from.
Creative Kids Tales has inspired, encouraged and supported not only the published, but also us hopefuls still learning the ways of the publishing world. Thanks for providing an amazing site to learn from offering friendship and a real sense of chasing our dreams.
Creative Kids Tales would’ve been mighty handy to know about back when I was sitting about drawing and writing and having no idea what to do with any of it! Fortunately, you’re here right now reading this - lucky you! Go explore and create knowing you have such an amazing resource at your back!
Creative Kids Tales is a fabulous community of passionate, hardworking and committed writers. If you're looking for new and exciting talent that's dedicated to the children's book industry - look no further than CKT!
Having been a publisher, author and now proprietor of Pinerolo, I am passionate about promoting children’s books. Creative Kids Tales is such a welcome part of this network and I salute them for their support and their inspiration to so many.
Creative Kids Tales contributes a wonderful sense of community to the Australian kids’ book scene. It’s a great organisation to be a part of!
CKT is such a valuable site for anybody wanting to learn a more about making children’s books. When time travelling becomes possible, I’ll steal all the info from this site and deliver it to my younger, aspiring self.
The details available on this site, for emerging writers (or those emerged) is incredibly helpful. From creating stories- plotting, dialogue and character building- to the support writers can seek for their work, be it mentoring or seeking a publisher, it’s all there. An excellent easy-to-access writers’ site!
Creative Kids Tales is a treasure trove of resources and insights, compiled with dedication and enthusiasm.
The thing I like about Creative Kids Tales is there’s plenty of practical advice.
Writers need writers. Creative Kids Tales is brimming with support and ideas for writers.
Creative Kids Tales is ambitious, specific and professional - the Top Tips section alone is a must-read for every aspiring children's writer.
What a wonderful website Creative Kids Tales is, supporting and helping Australian authors in their quest through the dark thorny forest of the publishing world. Georgie should be congratulated for her hard work and fearless leadership!
Once you find an easily-accessible, up-to-date and vibrant source of writing help and encouragement, you should value it and use it! Thanks to Creative Kids Tales, that’s all available, with the tap of a finger.
What a wealth of resources. I wish I’d discovered it sooner - but I can still enjoy it now, and have added it to my list of resources for new writers.
The long-distance marathon of writing, illustrating and publishing usually begins along a very foggy road, in the dark, shoeless. But wait! What's that light on the horizon? Creative Kids Tales, full of a bunch of other runners plotting out mud-maps and exchanging anecdotes, warning about ditches and praising short-cuts.
Whether just starting out or with many books under your belt, Creative Kids Tales is the perfect place to go for all things writerly!
Writing can be a lonely profession. It is wonderful to have a website which connects creators with each other and with a wealth of information and resources. Bravo!
Creative Kids Tales showcases talent and provides information essential for anyone in the industry.
Everything you need is on Creative Kids Tales! Down to earth, comprehensive, friendly, realistic and encouraging advice — this is an invaluable resource. Bravo!
Creative Kids Tales is a great forum for people who spend most of their working time alone. It is interesting and inspiring.
Creative Kids Tales is a priceless promotional and networking station that allows new authors to gain the courage and nous to take their work to a whole new level. It’s a valuable addition to Australia's children's book market.
It's about time that we had something like Creative Kids Tales. It's a treasure trove for information and news. It's a wonderful springboard for anyone who wants to dive into the Children books world!
Creative Kids Tales is a great resource for emerging writers and illustrators.
If a website can be described as 'homely' or 'a friendly place for emerging writers to visit' then that's how I would describe Creative Kids Tales. It's the only Australian website for children's writers that I visit regularly and feel part of. When I need motivation I visit my Creative Kids Tales family.
As a children’s writer one of the first places that I landed was Creative Kids Tales. There were no children’s writing groups in my area to physically join and I was isolated. Creative Kids Tales gave me a home as a writer. At the start I was often a silent participant on the Facebook page, but I learnt and grew at my own pace and so did my confidence. Don’t underestimate the power of belonging to a tribe. When I attended my very first conference I was timid and unsure and spotted Georgie and sat with her. I have found The Creative Kids Tales Festivals to be of great value for professional development and networking. Remember, these are the people who are on the same journey as you and they are your fellow passengers and support team. On the Creative Kids Tales page your author biography is a place where you can be found as a writer. Often when you are starting out it takes time for webpages and things. Having your bio available online not only makes you feel more professional but it is where you will be found on a google search. Things always change within the publishing industry but Creative Kids Tales stays up to date and with Georgie driving the writing bus I can enjoy my writing journey with my friends.

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