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We are proud to announce the next progression for Creative Kids Tales.

The Author’s Shelf first aired on Sunday 22nd September 2013, and The Author’s Shelf podcasts have hit well over 1000 listens on SoundCloud.

While I am taking a break from broadcasting you can catch all the previous shows music and commercial free now on our YouTube Channel.

Check out my interview with McLeod’s Daughters and Hi-5 creator, Posie Graeme-Evans. Posie and I chatted longer than the show aired on 21 September. You can hear the extended interview on our YouTube Channel. There is also an interview with Wendy Orr that never made it to air.

You can also hear past interviews with Andy Griffiths, Captain Underpants creator, Dav Pilkey, Belinda Murrell, Kate Forsyth, Susanne Gervay and Deborah Abela, including our double with Australian Children’s Laureate and 2015 Senior Australian of the Year, Jackie French.

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